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Chimney systems



This offer is addressed to wholesalers and businesses searching for a reliable provider of chimney systems and seeking to distribute products attracting great interest.


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Advantages of HOCH chimney systems



Ceramic Chimney Systems are an excellent alternative to traditional brick chimneys. This is a far more technologically advanced solution. Their assembly is quick and efficient due to the use of partially prefabricated elements.



Ceramic Chimney Systems vent all types of emissions. They are compatible with various types of equipment, irrespective of supplier or source of heat, and thereby constitute a fully independent solution.



One of the greatest advantages of chimney systems is their ease of construction and use. The assembly of chimney sets is very simple and the risk of error minimal. An enormous convenience for chimney system users is also wide selection in the form of chimney decor. Therefore, everyone can now select an ideal chimney.



HOCH Chimney Systems offers customers only tested solutions in Chimney Systems technology. Our chimneys are resistant to soot fire and acids in emissions. Safety of use and high quality has been confirmed in various studies. Chimneys possess European CE certification guaranteeing fulfilment of all norms.



Chimney Systems are durable and environmentally friendly products. They are mainly composed of natural materials such as clay, aggregate and rock wool. Their production is therefore environmentally friendly and use in modern furnaces and fireplaces reduces fuel consumption.