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Chimney systems



This offer is addressed to wholesalers and businesses searching for a reliable provider of chimney systems and seeking to distribute products attracting great interest.


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Prefabricated chimney by HOCH

komin prefabrykowany

NEW! Chimney building has never been so quick and convenient!

1. A record speed of installation

The HOCH Company offers prefabricated chimneys (factory assembled chimneys). A finished product is delivered directly to a construction site. Every product in HOCH's offer can be pre-made this way.

2. Prompt investments

Thanks to our complete factory-assembly you do not need to waste time to connect each individual part of a chimney. A ready-made chimney is delivered to you construction site which is then assembled at full speed using a crane, with no scaffoldings - without loss of time or unnecessary costs!

3. Chimneys that work properly right away

Investment sites are provided with fully-equipped prefabricated chimneys with all necessary holes and connections. It is immediately ready for connection to a heating device.




Installation of a prefabricated chimney