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Chimney systems



This offer is addressed to wholesalers and businesses searching for a reliable provider of chimney systems and seeking to distribute products attracting great interest.


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HOCH Turbo Steel chimney system

HOCH Turbo Steel chimney system
Ventilation grateVentilation grate
Emissions - demolition hollow blocksEmissions - demolition hollow blocks
diffuser with a drip collar and  capdiffuser with a drip collar and cap
Main plateMain plate
Centering plateCentering plate
Pipes with expanders (1mb)Pipes with expanders (1mb)
Emissions T-pipe Emissions T-pipe

Technical description

  • air - emissions chimney system for the extraction of emissions from modern furnaces with a closed combustion chamber, condensation as well as TURBO.
  • construction and materials meet technical requirements for the most modern gas and oil heating equipment
  • air for the combustion chamber is channelled by the chimney body with a stream opposite to emissions; the result is a heating of the combustion chamber air from the chimney top and a reduction in energy loss, together with an increase in the efficiency of connected heating units
  • emissions from the heating unit are extracted by a stainless steel and acid resistant pipe with a width of 0.6 mm.
  • emissions temperature at the furnace outlet cannot exceed 200°C.
  • operation with excess pressure up to 200 Pa.
  • European CE certification for a complete chimney system
  • 5 year guarantee.

Available diameters

* Custom assortment (on request by appointment delivery).

Basic set elements

The TURBO STAL chimney basic set includes:
base with a T-pipe and de-condenser, main plate, centering plate, diffuser with a drip collar and cap, pipes with expanders (1mb), plastic hose, ventilation grate, band lip, emissions - demolition hollow blocks, and instruction manual.

base with a T-pipe and de-condenser
base with a T-pipe and de-condenser
main plate
main plate
Centering plate
Centering plate
Diffuser with a drip collar and cap
Diffuser with a drip collar and  cap
Pipes with expanders (1mb)
Pipes with expanders (1mb)
Emissions - demolition hollow blocks
Emissions - demolition hollow blocks

Chimney types

Chimney type Size Photograph
Emissions - ventilation 36x24x33 cm Emissions - ventilation

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