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Chimney systems



This offer is addressed to wholesalers and businesses searching for a reliable provider of chimney systems and seeking to distribute products attracting great interest.


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Assembling instruction - HOCH Chimney Systems


System and brick chimneys

System and brick chimneys >>

Presently, chimney systems are far more popular among customers than brick chimneys. Their advantage over traditional solutions stems from such features as savings, convenience and environmental attributes.


Chimney height

Chimney height >>

The height of a system chimney should be appropriate in order to be fully effective. We measure it from the level of the emissions T-pipe to the outlet above the roof.



Installation of a prefabricated chimney >>

A chimney has been an integral part of a house for centuries. It has always occupied a central place. Over the years, furnaces, later chimneys, have changed their form and methods of execution providing household members with greater comfort. In recent years, specific products have appeared on the market that make every house safer, more economical and functional - system chimneys.



Forms of chimney system finishing >>

The main chimney in every home should not only well served its function, but also have an aesthetic appearance or even decorate a building. A ceramic chimney can have the same decor as a house facade or comprise other materials.



Selection of an appropriate chimney type >>

A well selected chimney guarantees that a heating furnace or fireplace will function well in our home. An appropriate chimney system guarantees convenient use and reliable functioning for many years, thus providing peace of mind and safety.


Optimal chimney diameter

Optimal chimney diameter

The smoke channel, namely the opening measured in the centre of a ceramic pipe, should have an appropriate diameter. This depends on factors such as chimney height, as well as the type of furnace or fireplace. As well, it should be verified in the instruction manual of the furnace /fireplace, which specifies producer requirements.


Chimney system safety

Chimney system safety >>

Chimney Systems are completely safe. Chimney systems function properly due to the employment of innovative technology and high-quality materials and pose no danger to households.


Chimney system guarantee

Chimney system guarantee >>

Hoch chimney system customers receive a 30-year guarantee. The producer issues a warranty in this case, whereby the basis for a warranty claim is a VAT invoice issued for a complete chimney system together with elements such as a chimney collar and cone.



Errors during the construction of system chimneys >>

Certain errors should be avoided in order to have a fully functioning chimney system. Below, we present the most common mistakes such as leaning ceilings against a chimney or the connection of several heating units to a single emissions channel.