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Chimney systems



This offer is addressed to wholesalers and businesses searching for a reliable provider of chimney systems and seeking to distribute products attracting great interest.


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Installation of a prefabricated chimney

A chimney has been an integral part of a house for centuries. It has always occupied a central place. Over the years, furnaces, later chimneys, have changed their form and methods of execution providing household members with greater comfort. In recent years, specific products have appeared on the market that make every house safer, more economical and functional - system chimneys.

System chimneys - reviews

Each investor who is planning to build a house has a dilemma: Which solution to choose - a traditional brick chimney or a system chimney? However, further questions arise: What is the advantage of system chimneys over brick chimneys? What to pay attention to when selecting a manufacturer of system chimneys? What are the prices system chimneys? Answers to these questions are hidden in several features of the system chimneys presented below which make them an extremely competitive solution.

A. Custom-made products

A system chimney gives us a much greater ability to adapt it to your needs. A chimney type is selected based on the composition and temperature of exhaust gas, depending on whether we connect it, for example, to a wood burning fireplace or a condensed gas furnace. We also choose its cross-section, height and mount point. When deciding to buy a system chimney we get a well thought out solution, made in accordance with building standards, certified quality, which will provide us with reliable operation.

B. Safety

"Feel safe at home" as the saying goes. However, to feel this way we always choose proven solutions in the range of chimney technology. System chimneys must be resistant to soot fire and acids present in exhaust gas. Safety of use and a high quality of components are attested by certificates and research. System chimneys that have the European CE mark guarantee compliance with all required standards.

C. Price of system chimneys

Ceramic system chimneys are an excellent alternative to traditional brick chimneys. This solution is much more advanced in terms of technology. System chimneys are partially designed using prefabricated elements. Their installation is quick and economical.

D. Design

Great news for people who like to stand out or have specific design requirements. System chimneys offer a greater freedom of finishing methods. System chimneys are characterized by easy construction and use. The installation process is a relatively simple process therefore the probability of an error is small. Each investor can choose a system chimney ideal for his needs.

E. Ecology

System chimneys are designed from natural materials such as clay, gravel and stone wool. This makes them ecologic, yet durable products. The manufacturing process of system chimneys is environmentally friendly and their use in combination with modern boilers and fireplaces reduces fuel consumption.

F. Functionality

Ceramic system chimneys are divided into several types and are intended for discharge of all types of fumes. They are compatible with different types of devices, regardless of vendors or sources, which makes them a fully independent solution.

G. Warranty

The manufacturer's warranty is a very important parameter when choosing a system chimney. A properly installed and operated system chimney should have a warranty period of even 20 years.